DJ Davinci

CEO, Getty Productions
AMPS Magazine has helped highlight the achievements and successes of minorities in my community, that no other publication would. They have helped upcoming entreprenuers and artist alike get the boost of exposure needed to takeoff in their perspective industries. I am proud to say that AMPS Magazine was one of the first brands that Getty Productions affiliated itself with. Getty Productions is now a worldwide entertainment company. The results speak for themselves.

Brandon White

CEO, Gurban Unlimited.
AMPS Magazine has proven their support for minorities in the community. I have seen and been involved with so many events with them, where their primary mission is to help and uplift the community. Big ups to AMPS Magazine!

Ricky Lee

Owner, Franky B's BBQ
AMPS Magazine help me efficiently market and advertise my business when we first opened in the city. We have now been operating strong for 3 years. Thanks AMPS for all your support!!!

JJ Dealnger

Artist, Volture Records
AMPS Magazine did a story on me about my debut mixtape “The Streets Are My Throne.” After the issue published I received 50k hits on the mixtape. I have been receiving blessing ever since. If you want proper exposure and marketing, choose AMPS Magazine.

Drew Anderson

Pastor, New Life
AMPS Magazine has shown a true desire to help within the community. I have witnessed the happiness and relief that AMPS has provided with some of the community oriented events that they have promoted or sponsored. AMPS are the real champs in my book.