Arizona Welcomes Detroit And Turns Up!!!

On Friday, March 3rd, 2017, The Phoenix Gentleman & Hustle Season DVD presented a welcoming show to Detroit and also local Arizona talent.  The function was extremely hospitable and very organized. The environment was safe and the security was strictly enforced. They weren’t playing any games! This didn’t prevent the crowd from having a great time though.

The event was host by Naeem Elliot, who looked like Allen Iverson with a big daddy long t-shirt. The guy was cool; he kept the crowd engaged and made jokes periodically. There was a cozy crowd of under 100 people. Seating was conveniently placed for a great view of the performances. The performances were on an outdoor sound stage. There was kitchen inside the venue, and the food was delicious. I can honestly say the five-dollar meal was probably one of the best food investments I’ve ever made. I had ordered a side of crinkle cut seasoned fries along with a meatball sandwich featuring provolone cheese, white sub bread, and warm finger licking marinara sauce.

The show began at approximately 10:28 p.m. It was a bit chilly outside until many rappers began to spit fire. Some artist that stood out were Hursemode Nell, Hyde, and The Mafia. Hursemode is the son of one of the biker members “Deacon.” Hursemode is a Detroit rapper who took over the show with his ability to sing to the ladies and wrap their minds with a dope rap flow. After the show, we spoke about making a trip to Detroit to follow his music. I am excited to see where his career is going. He has a great circle and a great father who’s got his back.

On the other hand, I spoke with the artist Hyde. Hyde is an upcoming local rapper who has a style similar to Mac Miller and Eminem. Hyde is very humble and hungry to be the next man up out of Arizona. I enjoy listening to his delivery and his ambition through his verses. The guy is hungry!

Be on the lookout for more events hosted and presented by The Phoenix Gentlemen & Hustle Season DVD!

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