Kenya Rivers

Franchise Owner
Kenya Rivers is the franchise owner of AMPS Magazine Phoenix. She has been involved with the AMPS Magazine brand since 2009. She started off doing celebrity interviews for the Indianapolis AMPS Magazine chapter. She instantly realized that this was her passion. She now is owner of the AMPS Magazine Phoenix chapter. Kenya is also a radio personality for GettyDownRadio, as well as a model. She has appeared in TV and motion picture. Reach out to Kenya with any questions on how AMPS Magazine can help you.

Jameson Rivers

Franchise Co-Owner
Jameson Rivers is the franchise co-owner of AMPS Magazine. Jameson is also the founder of Getty Productions and Getty Down Radio. He helps out with the providing content for the publication. Reach out to Jameson with any community events or news you would like to promote in the publication.

Shaman Bailey

Journalist/Event Promoter
Shaman “DJ Shay2Times” Bailey is a journalist and event promoter for AMPS Phoenix. With 25+k followers on Twitter, you can only imagine the turnout of the events. Come visit us at the next event promoted by DJ Shay2Times, or catch her at your next event covering the exclusive.

Reggie Ray

Journalist/Event Coordinator
Reggie Ray is on our journalist and event coordinator with AMPS Phoenix. Be on the look for Reggie Ray at your next event.

Brandon White

Sports Journalist
Brandon White covers our sports news here with AMPS Phoenix. He covers from little league to professionals. Go check out some of the highlights now.