Lebron James Proposes to Build a New School for the Akron Children

The Lebron James Foundation (LJF) alongside of Akron Public Schools (APS), announce a proposal to open the I Promise School … with the goal to open its doors to 3rd and 4th graders in the Fall of 2018, and expand to 1st – 8th graders by 2022.

The LJF, in partnership with APS, unveiled its proposal for a new public school Tuesday evening called the I Promise School, which would educate students at risk of falling behind their peers.

The school would be based off the foundation’s existing I Promise Network programs, which have supported more than 1,100 Akron-area grade school students the past six years with programs, support and mentors.

Those developing the school want to implement what has worked well with the I Promise Network and turn it into a curriculum for kids in first through eighth grades.

Michele Campbell, the foundation’s executive director, said the I Promise programs help educate kids on academics and character building. At the same time, they work to engage participating families to hone a supportive environment at home as well.

“The goal is to infuse that into the school,” Campbell said.

Big ups to Lebron and everyone behind this undertaking!!!

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