The 7th Annual Girlfriend’s Connected 2017 in Mesa, AZ

This year AMPS Phoenix had the wonderful opportunity of attending the 2017 Girlfriend’s Connected Conference in Mesa, Arizona. If you are unfamiliar with the event, Girlfriend’s Connected brings women together from across the world to meet and connect. Women and men from all sorts of professional backgrounds come together to fellowship, network with one another, and to have a good time. Chidell Watkins, creator and organizer of the event, is also a successful entrepreneur, investor, and author. She created this event 7 years ago. It has been a huge success and continues to grow.


There were many speakers who came to tell their success stories, as well as their trials and tribulations. A few of the notables were: Arizona’s Future Governor Noah Dyer, Cupcake Extraordinaire Regina Crayton, Investor/Scholar Hussain Abdullah, Soulful voice Laticia Carrington, and more! Each individual at the conference was able to take a bit of knowledge home with them that would help them move forward with their own endeavors. From life stories, to spiritual, professional, and financial advice, this knowledge was priceless!


This year’s keynote speaker was Desreta Jackson. Desreta is an award-winning actress who played young Sealy in the Steven Spielberg film “The Color Purple.” Ms. Jackson also is a successful entrepreneur, founding an all-natural hair and skin care product line called Black Silk. In addition to Jackson being an entrepreneur, she is also a philanthropist. Jackson donated over 1.1 million dollars (USD) to her hometown community of Watts, Los Angeles, California. Her amazing speech motivated the whole room to be self-empowered, and to realize their value and worth.

This year’s Girlfriend’s Connected was a huge success. If you want to be a part of something great, don’t miss the next conference. Go follow them on social media at Girlfriend’s Connected, or visit their Facebook page @ Also, go check out Miss Chidell Watkins’ new book entitled, Finding The Courage To Say “I Am” on Amazon Books @


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